Our Special Offers

Check out these special offers from Think Productive North America and our partners:

Your Chance to Win a Free Ticket!! 

Win a seat on our 6 Weeks to Ninja – Productivity Masterclass + gift card, planner and book!

To win the competition you must visit our our Facebook Page

(If you have already booked you’ll receive a full refund on the ticket price)

Your new Productivity Superpower!

Crowdsource your Focus with virtual coworking

Focus Bubbles are hosted virtual coworking sessions to:

  • Harness the power of connection.
  • Discourage distraction.
  • Achieve deep focus.
  • Get great work done, from anywhere.

Enjoy our treat – 1 Month of Free Focus BubblesTM

It’s one way to Implement all the great tips and skills you have learned from Think Productive! Use Focus Bubbles to help you to be intentional about what you work on, preserve time in your calendar, and overcome procrastination to get your best work done. 

Think Productive is excited to partner with Focus Bubbles to give our clients and friends a special offer of a full-month free trial:  Please click here to start your Bubble Booking (select 1MonthFree option).  No credit card required. 

Time Zones: please note the schedule of Bubbles online will reflect your local time zone so you don’t have to play guessing games with bookings. 

Please reach out to Dawn at Focus Bubbles with any questions – dawn@dawnoconnor.ca

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