From Burnout to Hope

Stop the slide into burnout and proactively support yourself and your colleagues.

Research suggests that more than 70% of us are feeling burnout. Struggling with loss of motivation, low energy, ever-constant irritation, and physical issues such as headaches and stomach problems.

But it doesn’t have to be! We can move from burnout to hope and help others do so too. We can stop the slide into burnout and move towards a future better than today by levering the science of positive psychology and hope.

Developed by Mental Health for Leaders, this workshop was created to:

  • help individuals and managers learn to identify the signs of burnout in themselves and others;
  • put into action the evidence-based strategies and tactics to reverse the feelings of overwhelm and languishing;
  • and activate the “Hope Circuit” in their brain for a better future.


94 percent of our participants recommend our workshops!

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