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TPNA President to join CCCe Hybrid Learning Panel – 20th October 2021

Are you dealing with hybrid learning – where you have some participants in a room together with a facilitator and some are joining virtually? Or maybe you are wondering how best to respond to stakeholders who are asking questions about how to run a team workshop with team members who are dispersed across the country or the globe.

Join a panel discussion on how best to approach hybrid learning. The panel will tackle the conversation from a design perspective, a facilitation perspective and from an internal L&D department perspective. You will hear from panelists who are exploring these issues and you will have a chance to share your perspective too. Bring your opinions!

Think Productive adds New Online Course for Students – How to be a Study Ninja┬«

We are delighted to be offering a limited number of free live webinars of our brand new, highly engaging and impactful workshop, How to Be a Study Ninja┬«. Are you or someone you know responsible for Student Services or Student Wellbeing at a Canadian or US college/university? Get in touch to discuss how we can help your students cope with distractions, stress and inertia and become Study Ninjas! Focused on productivity and personal wellbeing, this session will provide your student body with the skills they need to be better organized and prepared to meet their academic challenges. It is especially valuable in refocusing students at a time of remote learning and home working. The course is based on the best-selling “How to be a Study Ninja” book by Graham Allcott

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