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Barbara Green features in Huffington Post.

Check out her tips if you struggle to get going in the mornings!

Struggle to get anything done in the mornings? It could be a side effect of the Pandemic. Your morning routine, which used to get you up, get you ready and get you on your way to work, has been lost. The same may be true of the way you ended your day. But there are things you can do to reestablish that momentum even if you are working from home. Check out the tips from our President, Barbara Green, in this Huffington Post Life article.

Think Productive adds New Online Courses for Hybrid Teams and Supercharging Communications

Supercharge Your Team Comms – empower your teams to understand the importance of great comms.

The Productivity Guide to Hybrid Working – build on lessons from the pandemic to inspire and equip you with Productivity Ninja® mindset and practical strategies to reimagine how you work and thrive in the new hybrid workplace.

Leading Hybrid Teams – lead a productive, agile, happy and informed hybrid team.

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