The Visionary Leader (Level 3)


For Leaders who have the responsibility and ambition to build a human-centred, empathetic, visionary strategy and to translate it into a driving force for their organisation.

Who is this program for?

This Leadership & Management Program is specifically designed for Senior Leaders, Directors and C-Suite.

Masterclass Topics

  • Unlocking Emotional Intelligence – Manage emotions. Unleash high performance
  • The Way of the Productivity Ninja – Role modelling self-awareness, self-care and sustainable productivity.
  • Kindful Leadership* – Why Caring Leaders Triumph in a Competitive World.

     *This can be run as a double module, in place of ‘The Way of the Productivity Ninja

  • Leading and Managing Change – Mobilizing people & processes to bring change to life
  • Cultural Strategy for Visionary Leaders – Unleashing the power of organizational culture
  • The Secrets to Delivering a Vision – Developing & Implementing a compelling vision

Organizational Impact

We believe that whatever your level of leadership experience, the job of leaders is to lead by example and to show that by being self-aware, human-centred and sustainably productive, you can build better organizations for those around you.

We’ll show you how your job as a Leader can drive higher levels of psychological safety, kindness, resilience, engagement and performance, and ultimately, lower levels of stress, overwhelm, frustration and staff turnover.

We hope you’ll join us so that together we can transform the way people work for the better, right now.

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