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Looking for a book on Time Management Training? Perhaps you’re wondering how nutrition can help improve your Productivity? Or maybe you’re fed up of the never-ending schedule of pointless meetings?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our founder, Graham Allcott and many of our Productivity Ninjas are also brilliant, award-winning authors! Take a look through their published books below and if something tickles your fancy, follow the link to Amazon

Don't just take our word for it...

What a great day... ...already heard very positive feedback. And Nick was so engaging and entertaining. "The Way of the Productivity Ninja"

Carly Sutherland (Niagara College)

....a buzz around the office yesterday, ... alot of people really excited about what they heard and also the presentation style

Kellie Anderson (YWCA of Calgary)

A month after the Outlook Ninja training, I am still implementing many of the tips/tricks/tools that I learnt at the course. It has changed my daily workflow and I can’t thank you enough for it. Since the training, I have been spreading the Outlook Ninja gospel!

Monica James (BDC)

I looked forward to my weekly coaching sessions, and the visible progress I made on my priorities was clear - increasing my results for both my clients and for my company. I'd encourage executives who feel they can benefit from increased control of what can feel like an uncontrollable environment to consider this program - it worked for me!”

Vince Roberts (IBM)

"LOVED HER! I have already implemented several tasks she gave us and I already see it making a difference is less than 24 hours! She was fun and exciting to listen to while still giving extremely helpful and great advice! This was my favorite session!!"

Keynote Attendee (Tennessee Society of CPAs)

"This course was exactly what I was looking for. It has tamed the overwhelm and I am feeling confident and in control of my work. I know how to figure out what is important and can see quite quickly what stages my work is at. I am no longer worried that I've forgotten something. Thanks so much! "

Participant March 2021 6 Weeks to Ninja

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