How to be a Productivity Ninja®

Avoid Distraction, Get Your Best Work Done and Make Space for What Matters.

Overwhelmed? So struggling with constant distractions, information overload and a rapidly changing business environment? Are you under pressure to juggle productivity and wellbeing? Facing a challenging time ahead? We’re here to help you become a Productivity Ninja!

Our approach turns traditional time management training on its head. Because attention, not time, is not your most precious resource. So we examine attention and focus, projects and actions, together with choices and habits.

By the end of this full-day (two 3hr sessions for virtual), deep dive workshop,  you will have developed and implemented the systems and techniques set out in Graham Allcott’s ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja‘ book.

You’ll reduce stress by eliminating those nagging feelings of doubt and guilt, and therefore overload panic. And consequently replace them with a focused, playful, purposeful and productive momentum.

99 percent of our participants say our workshops will have a positive impact on their productivity

It was a well thought out, practical and the best use of my time I have had in a training session for years.

Ronan Gillen, eBay

Making it stick!

We're passionate about creating real change that lasts and truly embedding new habits. That's why every workshop participant gets exclusive access to The Productivity Ninja Academy

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