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Help Your Students Study Smarter, Focus Better and Achieve More.

How to Be a Study Ninja: From Studies to Socializing 📚🎉

Many of your students find their venture deeper into academics feels like juggling on a tightrope. Between immersive studies, work commitments, social events, and the quest for a balanced life, it’s easy to feel swamped. Are you looking for ways to help them find both harmony and productivity in their learning journey? Welcome to “How to be a Study Ninja™ a course based on the best selling book by Graham Allcott!

Ignite Passion & Prioritize Well-being

In this transformative workshop your students will learn to:

🔥 Rekindle their Zeal: Rediscover their enthusiasm for learning, intertwined with self-care, through our unique Ninja approach.

🥋 Unveil Ninja Attributes: Dive into the 9 core traits of a Study Ninja™, embracing strategies to vanquish productivity adversaries and foster well-being.

Combat Common Challenges:

We identify the common challenges for students across the globe and set out practical realistic ways to overcome them:

  • Procrastination:  Channel Ninja Focus and commence your tasks with determination.
  • Exam Anxiety:  Cultivate Zen-like Calm, transforming nerves into laser-sharp concentration.
  • Organization:  Swap scattered notes for state-of-the-art organizational tools. The Study Ninja arsenal awaits!

Thrive in the Digital Age:

In an era of endless digital stimuli, focused and fruitful learning seems elusive. Yet, amidst these myriad distractions, the key to unlocking academic success is at hand: Adopt the Ninja mindset!

Ready to revolutionize your group’s study approach, and help them reclaim their time, and revel in academia?

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The webinar focused on practical skills and actionable take-aways that students could relate to and immediately implement. I wouldn't hesitate to schedule or attend future Think Productive learning sessions.

Yvonne Phillips, RDC

Making it stick!

We're passionate about creating real change that lasts and truly embedding new habits. That's why every workshop participant gets exclusive access to The Productivity Ninja Academy

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