Fixing Meetings

Making meetings rare, fun and productive again

Redefine Meetings: Make Every Minute Count 🕒💼

Endless meetings. Back-to-back calendars. Sound familiar? What if you could break the cycle and ensure your team never sits through another mundane or fruitless meeting?

Time for a meeting revolution.

Introducing our Meeting Mastery Workshop

Dive into our immersive 3-hour facilitation training tailored to equip your team with actionable strategies for efficient meetings, be it in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

🚀  Maximize Meeting ROI: Explore the true cost of meetings, ensuring time is spent judiciously.

❓  Rethink Necessity: Engage in constructive debates on the real need for certain meetings.

🛠 Practical Skills: Harness a toolkit full of tips and tricks to optimize every meeting minute.

Empower Every Team Member:

Post-training, watch as your team feels not just authorized but inspired to creatively and positively disrupt unproductive or outdated meeting habits. Every member, irrespective of their role, will become a catalyst for change.

Ready to elevate your team’s meeting culture and reclaim precious hours? Set the stage for meaningful engagements with us.

Book Your Team & Transform Your Meetings


As a senior leader I came into the workshops thinking ‘I don’t need this’. But it has significantly influenced how I run meetings now. I have more clarity on the meeting purpose and expected outcomes

Fixing Meetings Participant

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