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We often view “working from home” with suspicion. But organizations like The United Nations Development Programme, and indeed Think Productive North America, have operated  remotely for years. We’ve long seen remote working as providing a flexible, agile, competitive advantage. So we have some experience of leading hybrid teams.

Now we’re in a world of hybrid working. So, how do you manage people you can’t see – or not all the time? What does “Office Hours” mean? People’s work and personal priorities will conflict, and they do other stuff  in the day. How do you ensure that the work is done? Is high value work even possible when we are infrequently in the same space? What role does tech play in all of this?

Just as importantly, as a leader you aim to create and nurture your team and company culture. This is essential for every organization. But how do you influence, motivate, encourage and develop your team when you cannot meet face to face? We help you with ways to develop and sustain company culture and team togetherness. We reflect on the challenges of communicating clearly, fairly and effectively and fostering good behaviours within your group.

Delivered by one of our expert Productivity Ninjas® (all of whom work remotely), this two-hour interactive workshop, Leading Hybrid Teams, looks at strategic perspectives as well as practical tools and take-aways, helping you lead a productive, agile, happy and informed hybrid team.

98 percent of our participants walked away from our Productivity Ninja keynote with at least one action that will transform the way they work

Relaxed, sharing of views. Friendly informal feel but with lots of very human observations which got me thinking, particularly around the culture of an organization and how to develop/sustain that remotely.

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