Learn to Enjoy Presenting as You

What sort of presenter are you?

This question alone might be enough to bring you out in a cold sweat, particularly if you haven’t done much presenting, but we think it’s a really important question to ask. Do you love your inner presenter?

That’s why it’s the starting point for this workshop – asking you to consider what you already do well as a presenter or communicator. Perhaps, you’re very thorough and conscientious in your approach. Or you have a warm and sincere presence. Or you just have an excellent array of shoes.

Whatever your current strengths, we will use this as a platform to explore your ‘growing edges’– those areas that you’d like to be better in. For a lot of people, this is around feeling more comfortable when they present, or more effective in the way they engage and connect with their audiences.

Whatever you’re looking for, and whatever level of experience you have, this highly experiential and practical workshop (you’ll even leave with a video of yourself presenting!) will provide you with the stretch you need, leaving you feeling more confident and better equipped to present with purpose and personality. You can love your inner presenter!

Who should attend?

Anyone who as part of their role, needs to get other people and stakeholders on board with their ideas. That could be convincing a team to take on a new project, pitching a new budget proposal to a senior team or selling a product to a customer.

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