We Need To Talk

Giving Feedback we need to talk
Giving Feedback we need to talk


Mastering the Art of Feedback: Make It A Gift 💬

Ever cringed at the phrase, “We Need to Talk”? Or recoiled from a stinging feedback memory? You’re in good company – the realm of feedback can be a minefield for many!

But what if we told you feedback could be a golden opportunity? A chance to cultivate growth, both in others and yourself.

Dive into “We Need to Talk” and Discover:

🌱 Feedback as a GIFT: Reframe your perception and see feedback as a Growth-Investing Feedback Technique.

💡 Graceful Giving & Gracious Getting: Learn to convey feedback that’s truthful, kind, timely, behaviour-centric, relevant, and actionable. Plus, grasp the elegance of accepting feedback without the flinch!

🛡 Forge Psychological Safety: While emotions of others aren’t within your control, your intention and method can foster a haven of trust and understanding.

Ready to transform feedback into a harmonious dialogue?

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