4 Productivity Ninja Tips for Commuters

Productivity Tips for Your Commute

More and more businesses embrace flexible work arrangements and remote working. However, the commute to and from the office, is still a big part of most peopls’s daily routine. For example, studies show that the average commute in the UK is 54 minutes. Even if we ignore the very common delays commuters experience, we can already agree that this adds up to a lot of time. We spend it on multiple forms of public transport,¬† or stuck in traffic in our car. And it is a “not work/not leisure” limbo. We understand when¬† our time management training delegates report feeling increasingly stressed about the commute they face on a daily basis.¬†

We’re here to take away some of that stress. We want to make every commuting Productivity Ninja feel a bit more relaxed about their daily commute. You might be thinking ‘How? How will you do it?’ Keep on reading!

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Change Your Route 

Changing your route is an easy way to force your brain to work a little differently. Like anything else, the brain needs some variety from time to time. You never know what you might discover on your new route. You will spot some new restaurants or hidden places, you can explore further. There may even be a shortcut you never knew about. One thing is for sure, you will have to use your brain in a different way and can’t switch on auto-pilot. This won’t just train your brain , but will also give you a bit of an energy boost.

Route Planning

Get Out Early 

Leave for work an hour earlier. Sometimes travelling to work at a different time feels like taking an entirely different journey! You might find your day less stressful if you’ve actually managed to get a seat on the train. What about that extra hour in a quiet office?¬† Time to drink a cup of tea, space to organize your weekly check list and no interruptions in sight.

Similarly, where possible, leave the office a bit earlier sometimes. This avoids the rush hour at the end of the day too. If you’ve started your day earlier, you should be able to finish earlier anyway, but if you know Thursdays at 6pm is an absolute nightmare to travel home, why not schedule in your weekly review for Thursday afternoon and work from a coffee shop closer to home? Some Productivity Ninja Stealth & Camouflage is encouraged. If people can’t find you, chances are they’re not going to distract you.

Get Something Done 

Our time management workshops help you work out what you need to get done and when. Why not use your commuting time to get some of those actions checked off? We’re not talking about frantically checking your emails though.¬† What about drafting your personal development goals? An hour on the train a day, can bring you a step closer to learning a new language or finishing knitting a scarf.¬† Or perhaps read a book you’ve been meaning to start for ages. Similarly, if you drive to and from work, download an audio book or the newest episode of a podcast you follow.

Looking for a new podcast? We might be slightly biased here, but if you’re after a podcast featuring lots of inspiring people and lots of chatter around productivity, wellbeing and Work Life Balance – then Beyond Busy is right up your street. Coincidentally, it’s also hosted by Think Productive founder and best-selling author of “How to be a Productivity Ninja”, Graham Allcott.

Change Your Mode of Transport

Getting a fair share of exercise in with your standard office job can be tricky. We spend way too much time sitting down at work. Why not start your day off by already filling today’s exercise quota? You could walk, run or cycle to work and get your blood pumping. This will¬† clear your head before you dive into your schedule. Of course, keep your co-workers in mind.¬† Make sure there are facilities you can use to freshen up if you choose to run or cycle to work! You may live too far away to walk the whole way to work. Consider getting off a stop before your usual one, or parking your car a little bit further away to do the trick.

Productivity Ninja Run

By Hannah Urbanek
Hannah is Think Productive UK’s Head of Marketing and the voice behind much of our global social media and editorial content. In the United States you can connect with Think Productive North America directly here or with Barbara Green, our President, on LinkedIn.

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