Forest Bathing (or the world outside my office)

Lately, the weight of everything began to press a bit too hard on my shoulders. For someone who’s often seen juggling tasks with ease, this was unfamiliar territory. The days blurred together, and I realized I was missing out on the world outside my office window.

Then, I remembered a piece of advice from a friend: ‘forest bathing’ or, as it’s known in Japan, “Shinrin-Yoku”. Intrigued and desperate for a change of pace, I decided to give it a go. Off we went – my husband, our wonder pup Maxwell, and me – into a nearby forest.

The Transformative effect of Trees

The experience was, in a word, transformative. The gentle sounds of nature, the rustling leaves, and the distant birdsong brought a peace I hadn’t felt in months. And, interestingly enough, it turns out there’s a bit of science to this serenity. Trees release compounds that decrease stress levels, improve our mood and even give our immune system a little nudge

Now, every week, I carve out a little time for these escapes. Even a short break, just taking in the fresh air, can reset my perspective.

I have found, in our screen-saturated existence, these pockets of pastoral peace aren’t just quaint pauses; they’re vital, soulful exhales.πŸƒ

The author of this article is Barbara Green, President of Think Productive North America. You can read more #confessionsofaproductivityninja on Linkedin

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