5 Ways to Be Ruthless With Your Attention

Be Ruthless With Your Attention

There are only so many hours in the day to accomplish tasks. Both offline and online distractions tend to bombard you at every turn. You try to work around these distractions, but stress and annoyance get the best of you. Time management training can help you bring out your inner Productivity Ninja.   It will teach you to be ruthless with your attention.

It’s time to say “No.” Set boundaries, head off distractions and practice ruthless prioritization.  Follow these five critical steps to fiercely reclaim your focus:


Productivity Ninja Ruthlessness


1. Say “No” to Yourself and Others More

When the phone rings and Chatty Cathy comes up to your desk, plaster a smile on your face and say “no” with a ruthless, full set of teeth. Say “no” when faces turn to you at the latest meeting, and everyone expects you to take on unwanted work because you’re great at it. They appeal to your better nature where you feel guilty if you don’t say “yes.” Make their heads spin and dare to say “no.”


Saying No


Stop feeling like you have to be on top of everything, and remember that 20 percent of your actions account for 80 percent of the impact. Perfection, just like the phone ringing and Chatty Cathy “just saying hi,” is a distraction. Break up your time and separate the thinking from the doing in order to make time to be productive: review your commitments to yourself and others to prevent burnout. And remember, just because it’s a “No” from you, doesn’t mean you might not know someone else who can get the job done and is happy to say “yes”.


2. Curb Social Media Distractions

Curb social media distractions by cutting them off — you’ve got to be ruthless. Unsubscribe from notifications. Remove social media apps from your phone and other devices. Or, sign up for a social media management app to keep them on one interface. Just remember to hide that app from yourself, too — temptation is an evil thing.


Offline Work


If you’re a social media addict, there’s still hope — consider time management training to reclaim your concentration, bust procrastination and develop a space for a “second brain”. Social media crams your brain with unnecessary information, so reclaim that space to calm your stress hormones and focus.

3. Update Your Computer

You’re bombarded with data offline and online daily. Then, as soon as you try to focus, ads, notifications and computer updates threaten your time and concentration. Not to mention that your computer lags from this activity.

Cut off the distraction by getting your computer up to speed. Go to your “control panel,” click  “power options” and upgrade your power usage to high performance to optimize your battery life. Run a disk cleanup, remove any programs you don’t use. Disable unnecessary programs from running at startup. Install a spyware scanner, anti-malware and anti-virus programs.


Remote Teams

There’s only so many times you can restart your computer to speed it up. These solutions will keep your computer focused on the right tasks, so you can concentrate, too.

4. Practice Ruthless Email Etiquette

How much time do you think you spend on checking and responding to email? Email takes up 41 percent of the workday for the average person, therefore more professionals could do with email etiquette training to maximize their efficiency and stop wasting other people’s time — like yours. Be a good example, and practice proper email etiquette by using it as a tool for more effective collaboration and communication.

Keep your responses concise, clear and professional. List a specific time frame when you will follow up and always keep your word. Instead of going back and forth in email, take advantage of integrated features. They include video conferencing, automatic scheduling to your calendar and more.


5. Tune It Out

Do what you need to do to reclaim your focus. Not everyone respects earbuds, but they’re a compelling “excuse” to put a wall between you and distractions.


Music for Productivity and Happiness

Better yet, skip the earbuds and purchase giant 90s headphones. Then, print out stickers that say “busy” and stick them on both ears. You can even place a divider between your work nook and the rest of the world. It will block out distractions, especially visual ones. A small fan adds white noise to cut out construction and other distracting sounds.


You only have so much time and energy during the day, and you must use that wisely. That’s the simple truth, so dare to be ruthless with your attention. Say “no” to distractions, and “yes” to improved, fierce focus.
By Sarah Landrum
Sarah is a career expert and productivity guru. 

Before You Go…

A lot of the productivity training out there focuses on managing one’s time rather than tackling the real issue in today’s working world – attention management. Our Time Management Training will give you the tips and tricks to implement a simple, fool proof system to organize and define your work.

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